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Welcome to Sahdeo Babu Seba Shangsthan Begusarai

Shadeo Babu Seba Shangsthan Begusarai is a Non-government Organization. The society has been working for the welfare of the poor, weaker, needy section, including women and Child. It has conducted many successful activities for the purpose For providing them technically efficient, improving their living Structure and to empowering them to utilize the new opportunities. The society is committed towards achieving economic and social Empowerment of different caste, creed and faith.

The organization conducted the programs in Begusarai District of Bihar state. The society conducted total sanitation program in Begusarai district of Bihar state. The society constructed low cost individual toilets in different blocks of Begusarai district of Bihar state. The society conducted the program with Grant-in-Aid assistance from PHED, Begusarai. Inadequate sanitation adds to the microbial contamination of drinking water and food, leading to an increased number of carriers and cases, and spread of disease such as gastroenteritis, diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, enteric fever, etc. An effective water quality assurance system depends on institutionalization with Adequate infrastructural an financial support to ensure availability of quality Water on a sustainable basis. Water quality monitoring involves sampling and testing of public supply sources at specific intervals to assure adherence To prescribed standards. In most developing countries this work is done by government agencies, which lack finance trained personnel. Hence, the government needs to involve communities and NGO's/other institutions to carry out water sampling its analysis through local institutions. No program can succeed without involvement of the beneficiary communities. The main object of this activity should be to make people conscious about the importance of drinking water quality and its impact on health.

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